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18 CME Meeting on "The rehabilitation of female desabling pathologies"
Brescia, Italy, April 23, 2016
17 Meetings GynePro 2015 on "Vulvodynia and chronic pelvic pain"
Bologna, Italy, December 11, 2015
16 VII Workshop on "Heath, nature, nutraceuticals and dietary supplements for women"
Organized by the Italian Society of Phytotherapy and Supplements in Obstetrics and Gynecology (Sifiog), Milano, Italy, November 27, 2015
15 Selva's Meetings on Reproductive Medicin
Department of Obstetrics, General Hospital of the University of Bari and Brindisi Register of Physicians, Selva di Fasano (Brindisi), Italy, October 10, 2015
14 CME Course on "Vulvo-vaginal pathologies: conventional therapies and rejuvenation technique"
Milano, Italy, September 25, 2015
13 Congress "Pallium Marche 2015"
Organized by the Network of Palliative Care and Pain Therapy, Macerata, Italy, May 15-16, 2015
12 CME Laboratory on "Interactivity among paediatricians" - Format 2015
Verona, Italy, April 23-24, 2015
11 CME Course on "Rare gynecological neoplasms: to know more for a better treatment"
Organized by the SDD "Gynecological Oncology", S. Orsola Malpighi Polyclinic, Bologna, Italy, November 8, 2014
10 CME Meeting on "Breast cancer: when the woman is young"
Piacenza, Italy, October 24, 2014
9 CME Course on "Endometriosis today"
University of Catania, Italy, September 26-27, 2014

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