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Premature menopause: the challenge of accelerated sexual aging

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Graziottin A.
Premature menopause: the challenge of accelerated sexual aging
Menopause Update, Vol. 11, No. 1, February 2008, p. 4-7
Premature Menopause (PM) (defined as menopause, spontaneous or iatrogenic, at or before the age of 40) may be spontaneous or iatrogenic, following bilateral ovariectomy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, either pelvic or total body irradiation.
The article analyzes the impact of PM on women’s sexual aging, with special attention to sexual identity, function and relationship.
Hormone therapy (HT) is indicated but long-term safety data are lacking. Androgen therapy, in estrogen repleted women, significantly improves all domain of sexual function after surgical menopause. Further research is needed on fertility protection, quality of aging and sexuality, safety of long-term HT, and type of medical and psychosexual intervention to improve health and sexual outcome after Premature Menopause.
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