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Anatomy and physiology of women's sexual function

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Graziottin A. Giraldi A.
Anatomy and physiology of women's sexual function
in: Porst H. Buvat J. (Eds), ISSM (International Society of Sexual Medicine) Standard Committee Book, Standard practice in Sexual Medicine, Blackwell, Oxford, UK, 2006, p. 289-304
The re-reading of women’s anatomy and physiology with the clinical perspective of an updated sexual medicine is a necessary pre-requisite for a better understanding of biological contributors of women’s sexual function and dysfunction. However, for sake of concision, the description in this chapter only covers some aspects of anatomy and physiology of importance for the sexual function in women.
The potential clinical relevance of the physical examination has been stressed with the aim of stimulating a closer examination of the biological conditions potentially associated to FSD.
This is of special relevance when genital arousal disorders, dyspareunia and vaginismus are complained of. However, the clinical examination should be performed in any FSD, as anatomic and/or genital dysfunctional problems may be contributor as well of lifelong or acquired desire and/or orgasmic disorders.

By courtesy of Blackwell Publishing
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