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Vaginismus: A clinical and neurophysiological study

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Graziottin A. Bottanelli M. Bertolasi L.
Vaginismus: A clinical and neurophysiological study
Graziottin A. (Guest Ed.), Female Sexual Dysfunction: Clinical Approach
Urodinamica, 14 (2): 117-121, 2004
Eighteen women, suffering from lifelong, generalized vaginismus of severe degree, were examined with concentric needle electromyographic (EMG) recordings from the levator ani muscle (LA) at rest, during voluntary activation and straining. Fourteen out of 18 (77.7%) examined patients showed an increase in tonic basal activity. In 13 out of 18 patients a correct attempt of straining did not inhibit this basal activity showing, conversely, a paradoxical activation with an increased motor unit potentials firing. This is the first study documenting an abnormally increased basal tonic activity of the LA muscle associated with a lack or reduced ability to inhibit it with straining in vaginismic women.

By courtesy of Editrice Kurtis
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